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Finding the right agency is a bit like the Wild West, where anybody can claim to help you get more customers – but delivering is another story.

Here’s the reality - the #1 reason that businesses fail is not because they don’t have an awesome product… it’s simply because their cost to acquire a customer (CAC) is higher than their LTV.

If you are looking to start running ads that work, or you are running ads and having performance issues (ROAS drops, or costs going up) ... then we've got good news for you.

We know exactly what works with paid advertising. We have a proven process that’s helped multiple eCommerce companies scale to 7-figures and beyond.

In fact, companies tell us we’re an irresistible “must scratch the itch” solution because they already know we can get them more customers.

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How we can help you scale:

When did hiring an agency become so complicated? Imagine a world where agency hiring was simplified.

We didn't understand why so many agencies decided it was okay to trick customers with false promises, charge huge setup fees, and sell a scope of work that reads like a drug prescription (something that no one understands, sometimes not even the doctor that writes it…) Thanks but no thanks.

Now imagine working with a team that fulfills their promises, and provides simple to understand deliverables that get results.

Enter, ProAd Labs:

Paid Advertising

Fully Managed Media Buying

Take a deep breath. Our team of highly experienced media buyers is looking after your campaigns 24/7.


Facebook “Superman Signal Watch” for VIP Support

You’ll only have one point of contact 24/7 365 - which means you never worry about making 6 phone calls before you get an answer, again.


Managed Creative for Ads

We know what works best for Facebook ads, and we’ll create what we need using your existing assets or we will work with you to create world-class creatives.

Strategy Sessions

Focused Strategy Sessions

We’ll keep your advertising strategy cutting edge and update it regularly to give you the highest chance of success.


Customer Success Team

Your personal advocate to ensure your business gets the best service possible to help you reach your goals.

What Clients Say

  • "I always struggled with a formula and system for money in and more money out. Then Catalin used his big ol' lasso of conversions, Facebook Ads, Messenger bots, and automation - so my $1 would turn into $2, or $4 or $7. There is not really any business that would not benefit from having this team. I call Catalin my 'Facebook Ninja'."

    Adley - Grammy-Awarded Entertainer & Influencer

  • "Catalin helped me totally with my Manychat and all of my bot stuff. He's not only a really good guy, but he really does know bots and cares more about messenger bots than anyone I've worked with before."

    Kevin David - 8+ Figure E-Commerce Entrepreneur

Partner With Talent

Amon Hanshaw headshot

CEO & Co-Founder

Amon Hanshaw

Amon is a self-starting entrepreneur with a vision of giving back and serving others. In 2016, he dropped out of The Ohio State University to pursue entrepreneurship full-time.

Since leaving school he has worked in multiple leadership roles for venture stage startups. Amon is responsible for implementing distribution models to drive revenue, creating strategic partnerships, and ensuring a work-life balance for his team. Amon believes mindfulness in a startup is key to success, a tenet he lives out through his interests in playing the cello, meditation, reading, and hiking.

Oh, and it's pronounced "ai - muhn".

Co-Founder & Director of Operations

George Pop-Iugan

George is a customer acquisition & sales funnels expert. He works tirelessly to master the art of customer acquisition. He has been trained, accredited, and recognized by DigitalMarketer as a specialist (clients include brands such as UBER / Shopify / and HarperCollins Publishers).

Currently living in Miami, FL, George spearheads efforts behind ProAdLabs of managing and creating a high performance team built on values. His background in sales, finance, paid advertising, team management and customer service inform his mindful but competitive approach.

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